3 Skills Women Need to Know for Success

businesswoman_w_questionDo you ever feel as if you are getting lost in today’s fast changing world? What’s the latest fashion trend, tech gadget, or computer operating system? What does a woman need to know to be successful in the workplace? Here is a list of 3 skills you need to know to be relevant and marketable in today’s job market.

1. Microsoft Office Suite
While this may seem like common sense to some, others do not realize how important the Microsoft Office Suite is in today’s world. Long gone are the days of typewriters and hand written notes. Microsoft Word provides the ability to create bulk letters printed on letter head, reports with graphs, or even flyers. Microsoft Word can create just about anything you can imagine. Excel is another major element of the Microsoft Office Suite. Need to keep track of your budget? Create statistical reports? Keep track of inventory? Excel has an abundance of possible uses. There is also PowerPoint. PowerPoint is what most people use to create presentations. It allows one to create professional presentations and has the ability to link websites within, insert video & audio, and can design your presentations to fit your needs.

Microsoft has a certification program for it’s office suite. Check it out here.

2. Keep It Social, Stay Connected
While we do live in a fast changing environment it is no longer impossible to rekindle old friendships or stay connected with your professional network. Yes, the social media atmosphere is constantly changing, however some social networks continue to reign. Want to keep connected with old friends, long distance family, or make new friends? Use Facebook. Facebook is a great way to control who you want to connect with. It has a variety of privacy settings that allow you to choose who you share with and what you share. Don’t forget, social networking can also be professional. Think about LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to share your professionalism. It is your online résumé. Connect with your current professional network, search for jobs, get recruited, or even learn from other professionals in your field. Just remember to always stay connected!

New to social media? Check out this great beginners guide here.

3. Adobe Photoshop
Most jobs do not require you to be a professional graphic artist, however, many do require minimal photoshop knowledge. Photoshop can be used in a variety of ways, it’s most popular use is for photo editing. It can do anything from removing blemishes to changing colors or lighting within a photo. How is this useful to you, you ask? Does your company have a website? If so, many companies require you know how to edit staff photos to be added to the websites, e-newsletters, or even for printing purposes. Knowing photoshop is an advantage that not many possess and it can give you the upper hand in your current position or when applying to new positions. It can be the difference between your next promotion or new job.

We know that for the inexperienced it’s difficult to find the right Photoshop tutorials for beginners. Check out this link to learn the basics for free.

Possessing these 3 skills will help pave your road to success. Companies are looking to invest in people who already possess the skills rather than investing money on classes for new hires who may not work out. These skills can also help with your new or current business. Every single one of the skills can save you money when building a new small business.