How to Succeed In Business

Texas Business Women offers additional programing beyond networking and advocacy. We provide custom resources and personal-development programming to empower and educate women across the state. We provide scholarships, podcasts and leadership programs to help you excel in business.



Courses for Confidence

Want to speak up more?

Find your voice with Communicating with Confidence. Our new online program empowers women to speak up both professionally and personally. This course will help you discover your unique talents and excel at public speaking.

Learn at your own pace and/or participate in classes at our local chapter meetings.

• Module 1: Understanding Your Style – DISC Profile

• Module 2: Creating Outstanding Presentations

• Module 3: Networking

• Module 4: Collaborative Communication

• Module 5: Goal Setting

• Module 6: Prepared Speech Practice and Feedback

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Tools For Success

Hispanic Businesswoman Leading Meeting At Boardroom TableClimbing the corporate ladder can be scary. How do you know if you’re making the right choices? Where do you go to learn the skills to succeed?

You don’t have to go anywhere! You can master leadership from the comfort of your own home. Or on the go. Or whenever you have time! We know you’re busy so we developed a program The Success Kit to help you advance your career, at your own pace.

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Scholarships for Education

Young business women

As part of a partnership with the Texas Business and Professional Women’s Foundation,  we offer three scholarships for women looking to advance their career.

The Texas Business and Professional Women’s Foundation is affiliated with the BPW Foundation, a national organization whose mission is empowering working women to achieve their full potential and partnering with employers to build successful workplaces.

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Podcasts for Inspiration

MicrophoneTexas Business Women hosted a weekly podcast show featuring successfully professionals from across the state. Get tips on how to advance your career directly from trail blazers across the state.Learn to overcome your fears, gain technical skills and stand out in the job market.

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