Ep #17: How to Succeed with Microsoft Tools with Melanie Gass

Melanie Gass is a whiz when it comes to Microsoft’s productivity tools. Known as the “Microsoft Princess,” Melanie focuses on helping individuals and companies use the Microsoft productivity suite more effectively through fun hands-on training. She has a regular slot on BlogTalkRadio where she discusses Microsoft’s various offerings and how to become a better user […]

Holiday Podcast Encore with Elissa Ashwood

Did you miss the first release of this great episode? We’re thankful that the holidays give us an opportunity to re-release some of our early episodes and share them with our new listeners!

Elissa Ashwood believes that every one of us can “do technology” and learn the skills that will help us get ahead. She is a business and leadership performance expert helping organizations retain great talent, and individuals grow personally and professionally for sustainable success through her company Truly Accomplished. Elissa says that “being proud of what you do is the ultimate accomplishment,” and her work helps clients identify what’s most important to them, and what will help them accomplish more of that in their personal and professional lives.

Holiday Podcast Encore with Becky McCray

Did you miss the first release of this great episode? We’re thankful that the holidays give us an opportunity to re-release some of our early episodes and share them with our new listeners!

Becky McCray says that small businesses and small towns have a future. She is a small town business owner, she and her husband Joe co-own a retail liquor store and a cattle ranch. She writes and speaks about small town business, and she and Chicago entrepreneur Barry Moltz are the authors of the award-winning book Small Town Rules.

Ep #15: Standing Out in the Job Market with Marcelle Yeager

Marcelle Yeager is an experienced strategy and communications consultant and co-founder of Career Valet. With years of experience hiring and mentoring staff both in the U.S. and abroad, Marcelle co-founded her company to help people progress in their careers. Her firm provides clients with personalized career navigation services and she is passionate about writing and helping people effectively communicate their skills and abilities.

On this episode Marcelle gives us a career coaching session, focusing on the most important features everyone needs on a great resume, as well as ways to stand out from the crowd when pursuing a new position. She helps us get into the minds of recruiters and understand what they’re looking for and how to give it to them in an effective format. She also shares insights on several tools that make her work possible, including an easy to use website platform and online legal services. This episode is packed with great advice!

Ep #14: The Benefits of Blogging with Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson is a journalist, blogger, radio host, mom, and so much more. She start out as a reporter for a community newspaper and today has tons of prestigious credits to her name, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Worth. Ten years ago she embarked on a career as a freelance writer focusing on business, money, women, parenting and marriage and never looked back.

A little over a year ago Emma started a new venture, her blog Wealthy Single Mommy. Having become a single parent to two young children through divorce, she focused her blog on the joys and difficulties of being a professional single parent, filling an empty niche in the market. On this episode Emma talks about the giant step she took through blogging to open herself up more authentically and talk about her personal life. As a result she’s found even greater success. Check out this episode to learn why blogging, even as an unpaid activity, can have a profound effect on your personal and professional brand. And don’t miss Emma’s recent blog post on how she built her personal brand through the blog.