Encore Episode: Farnoosh Brock on Confidence, Courage, and Productivity

Farnoosh Brock

This is one of our favorite podcast episodes, full of inspiration for taking the next steps in your life and your career. We’re happy to bring you this encore conversation with Farnoosh, and new episodes will be back next week.

Farnoosh Brock deeply believes that everyone can have a second act, and that women have every right to claim their courage and confidence and set themselves up as experts in their fields. Two years ago Farnoosh left her corporate job to create Prolific Living, her own media and publishing company. She works all over the world, thriving on the creativity that comes with travel.

On this episode, Farnoosh tells us about the power of mindmapping for creating and brainstorming, whether you’re using it for personal or professional pursuits. She also delves into the power of social media and offers suggestions for how to more effectively manage social media accounts for business. In the second half of our conversation, Farnoosh delves into the issues of confidence and courage, discussing how women can harness their unique skills and abilities to position themselves as experts in their field, even when that field is largely male-dominated. This episode packs a ton of valuable ideas into just 30 minutes.

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • How she left a corporate job and created a new company and a new life.
  • How mindmapping, or creative brainstorming, can benefit everyone when planning a project.
  • Why LinkedIn is one of her favorite social media platforms.
  • Tools to improve social media scheduling, great for people who manage social media for their business.
  • How to translate the skills from your corporate job to a new position or even creating your own business.
  • How you can establish yourself as an expert in your field by claiming your confidence and knowing your value.


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