Ep #5: Tiny Habits Add Up to Big Changes with Kendra Kinnison

Kendra Kinnison croppedKendra Kinnison is a “habit chef” who believes you can create the recipe for a more purposeful life by adopting tiny habits that lead to big changes. When Kendra isn’t interviewing other accomplished and driven people about the the key habits that make them successful, she is the Director of Finance for Port Royal Ocean Resort in Corpus Christi, Texas, and she’s also the current President of TBW.

On this episode, Kendra tells us about the process of adopting what she calls “tiny habits” as an effective way to start making changes. Much of what we do everyday is a function of habit, but we do much of it without thinking, or without any solid intention behind it. With examples from her own life, Kendra shows us how to move from intention to action, and along the way she shares a number of technology tools that help support the process. As always, this episode offers great ideas and inspiration in just 30 minutes.

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • The power of setting an intention to get started with a new habit
  • Why making one change at a time can be incredibly powerful
  • How technology can support building and maintaining effective habits
  • How to mimic systems that work for others to build your own structure
  • Why a laptop bag is the most important work accessory you need


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