Ep #12: Recapping the Texas Conference for Women with Pat Bell

Pat Bell picPat Bell is an enthusiastic business leader and consultant devoted to company and career success. Her successful track record of helping her clients build resiliency within and manage company changes speaks a lot about her ability to engage employees. Pat currently serves as the President-Elect of TBW and will assume the duties of President in 2014.

On this episode Pat and TBW Program Director Lisa Benjamin Goodgame discuss the recent Texas Conference for Women which took place in Austin on November 19. The conference brings together more than 5,000 women for a day of inspiring keynotes, networking, and meetings with key business leaders. While Pat and Lisa spent the day talking with hundreds of women about TBW’s mission, they also took time out to hear from the speakers and attend workshops and roundtables. Hear their reflections on the brilliant keynotes by Sallie Krawchek of 85 Broads and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Leymah Gbowee, as well as other speakers from the conference. If you missed the conference, this recap will leave you with many of the key insights from the day’s fantastic sessions.

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • How to recognize the moments when you’re ready to make the shift and be ready to accomplish your goals
  • What the difference is between a sponsor and a mentor, and why you need both to succeed in your career
  • Why you must create and invest in your personal brand, whether you’re a business owner, consultant, employee or job-seeker
  • Taking risks isn’t only for men–and it can boost your personal brand
  • Why utilizing social media sites such as LinkedIn is critical to define and enhance your personal brand
  • How everyday women can face and fight injustice and make a difference for an entire society


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