Ep #13: Dominate December Edition of Women. Connected.

Dominate December for BlogThis week’s episode of Women. Connected. brings together great insights and recommendations from some of our most popular podcast episodes. The theme of this episode is “Dominate December,” and we’ve put together some powerful segments from previous episodes that you might have missed. Whether you’re looking for a way to stay organized with all the festivities this month or hoping to get a jump on 2014, these smart women have something for you.

We start with Liza Wisner discussing the tool she uses daily to stay on top of her personal and professional projects. Next up we have Elia Albarran and Elissa Ashwood talking about free and low-cost online training resources that can help you bridge the gap when you need or want to learn a new skill to increase your marketability and value in the workplace. Then Lois Barth introduces us to the most important tool she uses to manage her business–a great segment for solo entrepreneurs and those working on getting a business off the ground. And finally we wrap up with Orit Ramler Szulik focusing on the importance of priorities and balance–a great reminder for everyone at this time of year.

Want to hear more from these fabulous women? Check out their full podcast episodes below.

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • How to use virtual bulletin board app Trello to keep your work and family life organized and take it with you on almost any platform
  • Get away from using your email as your to-do list and shift the tasks to a more effective and useable format
  • Where to find free and inexpensive courses online to develop your professional skills and personal interests
  • Why managing your own career means taking your professional training into your own hands
  • Why an Excel-based “numbers tool” can help an ailing solo-preneur business find new success
  • How to balance work and family demands and give yourself permission to set boundaries and leave the office at the office


You can find links to all of the tools discussed on today’s episode in the original podcast show notes. Just click on the link for the corresponding episode.

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