Ep #16: Managing Your Career with Heather McKissick

McKissick ColorHeather McKissick believes that everyone is in control of her own career. She is a leadership and organizational development expert who currently serves as the Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development at University Federal Credit Union, based in Austin, Texas. Her passion for helping people connect with their passions to do great work in their careers and communities is in evidence throughout her career, including her five-year stint as CEO of Leadership Austin.

On this episode Heather talks about several important topics that all come back to one key point: that you are the only person responsible for managing your career. Whether you’re looking for opportunities within your company or for a chance to strike out elsewhere, Heather offers great suggestions for building your skills while working in service to the community. She also shares several tools that make her work possible, and reminds us how important it is for managers to model good work habits for their employees.

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • Why having 24/7 connectivity can help set us at ease and avoid surprises
  • Why managers have a responsibility to model work/life balance
  • How to treat technologies as conveniences, not shackles
  • Why it’s necessary to take your career development into your own hands
  • How engagement in the community can be more than service, it can be professional development
  • Why community involvement can help you stand out with prospective employers


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