Ep #17: How to Succeed with Microsoft Tools with Melanie Gass

Melanie Gass

Melanie Gass is a whiz when it comes to Microsoft’s productivity tools. Known as the “Microsoft Princess,” Melanie focuses on helping individuals and companies use the Microsoft productivity suite more effectively through fun hands-on training. She has a regular slot on BlogTalkRadio where she discusses Microsoft’s various offerings and how to become a better user of the tools. Melanie is a huge evangelist for Microsoft products, even though she’s not officially employed by the company.

On this episode Melanie discusses how to become more knowledgable about the world’s most popular suite of productivity tools, and how to parlay that knowledge into a new job or promotion. We’ve all had the experience of either needing to learn a new tool or becoming more expert in something we already know, and Melanie offers a variety of ideas for finding free and accessible training resources on the Microsoft products many of us use everyday. She also shares a number of products that are now available to individual users and small businesses to access documents and files on every device, from desktop to mobile phone. Tune in for deep insight into the tools you use every day!

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • Why fear of changes holds us back as users, and how fun training can make us more productive
  • How MS 2007 changed the look and feel for Microsoft products and made a huge shift in the market
  • Where to find free and easy online tutorials for your favorite Microsoft products
  • How to find free training videos for nearly all recent versions (since 2005) of the MS suite, including Mac versions
  • Why Microsoft tools continue to be the gold standard for office productivity, even in the face of free options
  • Find out whether Microsoft certification is beneficial for you in your company or career field
  • How Microsoft certification can help you get hired more quickly
  • How to get Microsoft certification quickly and inexpensively
  • Where to find affordable access to all MS products across your devices
  • How to get free e-books published by Microsoft for more in-depth study


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