Ep #19: Building Community Through Social Media with Linda Hart

Linda HartLinda Hart is a Unitarian Universalist minister based in Washington state. Her work as a pastor has taken her to communities throughout the United States and England, and with her expertise in community building and group facilitation, her work increasingly has online and technological components.

We tend to think of clergy as being more philosophical and less technological, and Linda busts that myth and shares with us how she’s increasingly using technology to connect with members of her community. Like many of us, Linda is learning how to use new technology in ways that are effective for work, and which help her have joyful connections in the world. In this episode she helps us see how the leadership of organizations can use technology to be more effective in their connections with their membership while creating positive interactions.

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • How technology helps us weave the bonds of community
  • How to protect your personal space on social media when using it for work
  • Why it’s important to manage privacy and the access others have to you online
  • How sharing meaningful content with followers online helps to build stronger relationships
  • Why it’s important to recognize online relationships as real relationships and foster them appropriately
  • How an online presence can lead to connections with others of similar interest, both nearby and abroad
  • How live tweeting events can help raise interest and increase interactivity in a global community


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