Ep #20: Managing Stress and Anxiety with BB Crawford

bb-crawford11-13BB Crawford is a coach who works with clients to reduce anxiety and stress and increase a sense of peace and clarity. Her passion is to train people to focus on what they desire in their lives without the distraction of anxiety, stress or emotional overwhelm. While BB works with private clients, she also offers pro bono services to returning troops and veterans through her practice in Fort Hood, TX. Seven years ago BB created her signature program The ESSential Leadership Life Skills Training and her company Emotional Self Sufficiency (ESS). She began working with Vietnam veterans and returning troops, helping them to manage anxiety and stress, especially during the process of returning to civilian life after deployment. Her tactics are fantastic for anyone encountering stress and dealing with the emotional and physical tolls it takes on the mind and body.

In this episode BB shares a variety of simple tools and exercises anyone can use to manage stress and anxiety. She helps us identify the patterned responses we all have to stress and examine how we can change those responses for better outcomes in the future. BB offers some key insights into how to stop sabotaging ourselves in important situations, both in our personal lives and at work, by using some simple techniques, all of which are designed to increase the positive energy we need to make us successful in tense situations.

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • How to identify our negative and patterned responses to stress and anxiety
  • How to figure out if the negative feelings we have in a situation are a rational or reactive response
  • Key exercises for working through responses to situations that create physical stress and then releasing that stress
  • How to change one’s perspective in a job search to become more proactive and successful in networking and interviews
  • How to dissipate stress before a job interview or other key meeting
  • How to examine our response to learning difficult new technology or skills and eliminate the feelings of fear and negativity
  • How BB’s work with veterans helps them transition from a battlefield mindset to being effective leaders in the workplace


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