Ep #21: Beating Fear of Technology with Sheila Scarborough

Fullsize Sheila Scarborough headshot (photo courtesy Korey Howell) (640x457)Sheila Scarborough believes that we can overcome a fear of technology by tapping into our natural curiosity. A former Naval officer and certified Navy Master Training Specialist, Sheila started a new career in technology focusing on social media training for the tourism and hospitality industries. Her work has been honored with an Austin American-Statesman Texas Social Media Award and the Association of Women in Communication’s Clarion Award.

In this episode Sheila helps us look at technology as a tool that serves our needs, rather than as a source of frustration and fear. She utilizes smart metaphors to encourage us to see technology in a different light–as something we can manage instead of something that manages us. With humor and verve, Sheila reminds us how important it is to show technology who’s boss!

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • The importance of curiosity in helping us overcome fear and frustration
  • Why giving up where technology is concerned isn’t an option if you want to succeed in today’s workplace
  • How to personalize technology to meet your needs by customizing settings
  • A reminder that you aren’t stupid–sometimes the computer just isn’t cooperating!
  • Why you need to learn the basics about the tools you use so you can ask smart questions when they break
  • That age is only a number, and whether you’re 22, 52, or 82, you can master new technologies


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