Ep #6: Creativity and Technology with Elia Albarran

Elia AlbarranElia Albarran describes herself as a people person, a tech person and an artistic person. She’s a Jacqueline of All Trades who is a small business owner, the office manager for the web design and development firm Four Kitchens, and helps produce the annual Armadillo Christmas Bazaar in Austin, Texas. As a “digital native” who never knew what life was like before computers and the internet, Elia integrates technology and social media into all aspects of her life.

On this episode, Elia shares great ideas for taking your use of everyday technology to the next level, offering tips for how to use online tools like Google Drive to get work done more efficiently. Building on her experience developing small websites with WordPress, Elia suggests ways to create your own site with the world’s most popular blogging platform. As a devotee of “iPhoneography,” or taking creative and artistic photos using just a cell phone, Elia also helps listeners navigate some of the best photography apps to make the most of our cell phones as cameras. She offers some excellent insights into how to find free and inexpensive online courses that teach both creative and technical skills which can enhance our value as employees and business owners. So many great ideas in this episode!

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • How to use Google Drive and Dropbox effectively for document drafting and storage of final products
  • How creating a blog can lead to finding a new community of other like-minded bloggers, plus tips on using WordPress
  • How to use your cell phone to create photos that engage an audience and establish your brand
  • How the Chrome web browser can customize your online experience and save you time
  • How to develop stronger technical skills by tapping into your hobbies and social interests
  • How to find inexpensive, online training resources to build new skills that increase your value
  • Why creating an effective web presence can help set you apart on the job market


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