Ep #8: Thoughtful Transformation with Lois Barth

Coach Lois Barth discusses thoughtful transformation, technology tools, how to prioritize more effectively, and how to set yourself up for success.Lois Barth calls herself a technology curmudgeon, but she’s learned how to connect with the technology that matters for her business and how to figure out what best serves her life and her work. Lois was the life coach for two of the largest and most prestigious makeover projects in women’s magazines (SELF and FITNESS) and has been featured as a source expert for several national magazines. Lois frequently works with employees who want to start their own businesses, helping them develop clarity and a strategy for using their “free” time to lay the foundation for launching their business ideas.


In this episode Lois provides tremendous insight into the important process of deciding when and how to adopt new technology, and why doing it yourself may not always be the best approach. With a lot of humor and good advice, Lois reminds us how valuable our time is as business owners and employees, offering several tools for better managing our priorities and energy to work smarter. If you don’t yet think of yourself as a technology diva, this episode will give you the foundation and confidence to make the best choices for yourself and your work.

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • How to make technology a trusted tool rather than a feared weapon
  • How to avoid getting trapped by “big shiny object syndrome”
  • How to choose which technology will most effectively help advance your goals
  • Why an Excel-based “numbers tool” can help an ailing solo-preneur business find new success
  • Why it’s important to work slowly when developing an idea for a new venture
  • How to think about priority and energy management vs. time management
  • The importance of the daily “no matter what” list


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