Gen WHAT Webinar

Do you ever wonder why different generations act they way they do? You’re not alone.

In our webinar last month, we learned the differences of each generation type in the workplace, and gained a better understanding of their frame of reference as it relates to authority, communication, feedback, and more. We also heard about hints, tips, and strategies to successfully collaborate, communicate, and work with everyone on your team.

Our Speaker

Sarah Zink is a multi-dimensional businesswoman and ‘multi-preneur.” Sarah’s background in education and business development gives her a unique perspective on communication, behavior and time management.

Sarah’s passion is sharing her thoughts and insights to women everywhere in ways that help them grow more fully into the powerful beings they already are.

You can learn more at or connect with Sarah on Facebook and Twitter.

Watch the Webinar

Note: Depending on your internet speed, it may take a few minutes to buffer the video and prepare it for viewing. One common trick is to click to play the video, and then immediately pause the video. Then you can work on another project for 5-10 minutes and come back to it.