Ep #2: High Touch Personal Relationships with Laura Harris

118557Laura Harris is one of the most successful Allstate Agents in the business. She’s used technology to build her company to one where she can work remotely and still be asked to train other Allstate Agents to be successful.

On this episode, she tells us how to build and sustain high-touch connections with not only customers, but also people who she looks up to. This is an episode all about relationship building using technology, so don’t miss it!

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • Why it’s so important to focus on automation.
  • How technology can help to close the gender gap in the business world.
  • The value that intent has on adopting new technology.
  • How to utilize social media to create real relationships with difficult-to-access people.
  • The power of communities in your life and business.


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