Holiday Podcast Encore with Becky McCray

Becky-McCrayDid you miss the first release of this great episode? We’re thankful that the holidays give us an opportunity to re-release some of our early episodes and share them with our new listeners!

Becky McCray says that small businesses and small towns have a future. She is a small town business owner, she and her husband Joe co-own a retail liquor store and a cattle ranch. She writes and speaks about small town business, and she and Chicago entrepreneur Barry Moltz are the authors of the award-winning book Small Town Rules.

On this episode, Becky tells us how the small town principles of building community and connecting personally with customers can translate into more meaningful connections in our online relationships. She also offers insights into how to bring small town shopkeeping into the 21st century through the use of iPad-based POS systems. Don’t miss this great episode on how to build a smarter business and better relationships.

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • How small town rules can transform business relationships, even online.
  • The power that customers have, when every customer can talk to every other customer online.
  • How consumers’ patterns have changed, and why that’s driving a change for huge corporations.
  • How to bring small town shopkeeping into the 21st century with technology.
  • Why a shared cloud-based folder is important for storing key family documents.


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