Workplace Strategies – Straight from a CEO

There’s no shortage of places to look for advice on thriving in your career. But you’ll want to qualify the source.

What if you could talk to a former HR manager turned CEO?

That perspective would likely be priceless.

You can. At our Women. Connected. Conference, you’ll meet Diana Schultz, CEO of Kindred Hospital, a long-term acute care hospital.

Recently profiled by NSIDE Magazine, she revealed her unconventional route to the top.

While working towards her master’s degree in Public Administration, she took a job as human resources manager at another long-term acute care hospital. After 60 days on the job, the CEO resigned and Schultz was asked to temporarily fill the position while the hospital sought to hire a new CEO. After interviewing candidates, the staff signed a petition and presented it to the regional director to appoint Schultz as CEO.

“At that point they offered the job to me and I accepted. Everything just fell into place and I never went backwards,” she says.

A few years later, Schultz interviewed for the position of CEO at Kindred and was hired in January 2008. Since then, she has matched the challenges of staying up to date on the latest technology with a great sense of compassion for all in the hospital.

Schultz also has some specific advice for women with aspirations for the C-Suite.

“A lot of people, especially females think they can’t take on CEO positions, so they try to choose a career that is easy to do if they plan on having a family. People tend to forget that if you’re passionate about what you are doing your kids and everyone else in your life will see your passion and will be inspired no matter what.”

Diana (Quintanilla) Schultz is a native of Corpus Christi (who left a couple of times but made it back as quickly as she could). She received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.

A member of the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas and Executive Women International, Diana is a strong supporter of female empowerment – actively coordinating and promoting several charitable endeavors for women. She and her husband of 16 years, Ronnie, have three children; Victoria, Marina, and Ronnie Jacob.