Keynote: Am I My Own Worst Enemy?

We’re thrilled to announce a special keynote speaker for our upcoming Women. Connected. Conference.

Unveiling her latest project for the very first time, author Laura Harris will celebrate the release of her second book, My Own Worst Enemy: ME.

With her inspirational stories of achievement, Laura will bust the common myths that keep women from living the lives they dream about. From overcoming obstacles to building our teams, Laura will light the path to success.

Laura is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, author of Surrender to Win – Regain Sanity by Strategically Relinquishing Control and contributing author of Chicken Soup for the Soul – Tough Times, Tough People.

As a recovering workaholic, she knows what it is like to be faced with a cross-roads choice between an award-winning career and a daughter in alienation. Today, she can leave her office for over a month, knowing that her business is thriving and her customers are taken care of.

She’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the New York Times and National Underwriter. Laura is also a fourth-degree black belt and USTU Certified Master Instructor in TaeKwonDo.