Learn How to Stress Less This Holiday Season


The Holiday Season Is Here!

I’m sure you are all well aware of that factoid. Far from trivial, the holiday season between Halloween and Valentine’s Day is hectic to say the least and so very stressful for many. The time from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day can be a frantic rush to get everything done.

Did you hyperventilate reading that? You are not alone. The holiday season is a time of get-togethers with family and friends, some you only see once a year or even less often. And don’t forget the presents! So much shopping to do, so many presents to wrap, so much food to cook, so much work to be done.

All the fun of the holidays requires a lot of work, planning, work, time, work, effort, and work. Mostly for women.

The implications from movies, commercials, TV shows, magazines, and newspapers are mostly that women cook, decorate, shop, clean, and generally make sure everybody else has a good time. And we do it with a smile and without getting a hair out of place.

Let’s Stress Less

Stressful to do list

We have been sharing articles on Facebook and Twitter about making the holidays less stressful. Taking that cue, this newsletter will be much shorter than usual and I encourage you to take the same advice to help stress less this holiday season.

I find it satisfying that there seems to be a more balanced division of labor in many young families. Men are sharing the parenting role, truly sharing and not just “helping out”. I cringe when I hear that a dad is “babysitting” his children. No, he is being a parent. I rejoice to hear that dads are picking their children up from school or daycare, taking them to the doctor, staying home with them when they are sick, and going on school field trips. Yes, it seems the times are changing.

Men can also take their share of the holiday responsibilities. Ask! Are your children old enough to help? Let them! So what if the ornaments aren’t on the tree the way you would have done it. Can you afford to hire a cleaning service at least this once? Do it! Pay somebody else to dust, vacuum, and clean the toilets. Is dad watching TV or playing golf while you decorate and bake cookies? DVD that game and ask him to put up the tree, wrap the bannister, or go to the grocery store.

Many older women still take the responsibility for holiday dinners because “Christmas has always been at mom’s house.” Maybe it’s time to change the tradition. Do potluck dinner; provide the main course and ask others to bring sides and desserts. Forego some of the decorating; there doesn’t need to be a tree in every room.

Happy Holidays
With all this said, if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of shopping, baking dozens of cookies, preparing the feast, or decorating every nook and cranny in your house – then by all means DO IT! Do what makes you happy and remember that you deserve to enjoy the holidays too.
I wish you and yours a joyous holiday season and a healthy and prosperous new year.

The Best Wishes,
Mary Mackey
TBW President 2016-2018