Holiday Podcast Encore with Elissa Ashwood

Elissa Ashwood

Did you miss the first release of this great episode? We’re thankful that the holidays give us an opportunity to re-release some of our early episodes and share them with our new listeners!

Elissa Ashwood believes that every one of us can “do technology” and learn the skills that will help us get ahead. She is a business and leadership performance expert helping organizations retain great talent, and individuals grow personally and professionally for sustainable success through her company Truly Accomplished. Elissa says that “being proud of what you do is the ultimate accomplishment,” and her work helps clients identify what’s most important to them, and what will help them accomplish more of that in their personal and professional lives.

In 2012 Elissa became a breast cancer survivor, and in her quest to live life to the fullest she created an online support community that helped her face her illness with strength and humor. As a new software developer, Elissa discovered that she needed to learn something about some of the technology her company was beginning to create, but she quickly realized she didn’t need to become an expert. In this episode Elissa reflects on those two experiences and how she learned “enough technology to be dangerous” and make her personal and professional goals achievable.

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Powerful Insights Include:

  • Learn how to decide what to do yourself and what to outsource to an expert
  • Why getting better at things we’re already good at yields greater satisfaction
  • Recognize that technology isn’t monolithic, and it’s something we can learn like any other skill
  • Why choosing one thing to learn or improve can make us feel more accomplished
  • Know when you need to learn “just enough” to get the job done
  • Understand how your work style impacts your role and success when undertaking projects
  • Do what feels good, don’t “save the good stuff” for someday in the future
  • No matter what you’re experiencing, you can find a supportive community online
  • Twitter is the best cocktail party on the internet


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