Northern Panhandle Business Women


3rd Thursday of the Month




None Currently


Ashleigh Wiswell – President
(806) 282-1861

Monthly Speaker Information is not available in advance

Northern Panhandle Business Women Dues: $62 annually

Motto: Helping yourself and others to grow.

Future Club Goals/Activities:

College/HS age mentoring program Provide CPUs when applicable

Walk a Mile Program- each women will get to experience what it is to do someone else’s job and experience a different career.

Support a “cause” (local NP organization). To be voted and determined by club membership.

Meetings: Meetings will be held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 580 steakhouse meeting room. Each meeting will encompass the following meeting components.

Fun/Icebreaker- 15 minutes Each meeting will have a fun activity to help bring fun into a meeting and provide some socialization for the members. This could be a game or quick craft.

Inspirational- 5 minutes Something inspirational will be presented to the club. This could be a quote, a short story or a song. This is meant to inspire women to give and excel.

Team Building- 10 minutes A team building activity will be conducted at each meeting. This is designed to create togetherness and cohesiveness in the group. Example: Knot Game

Educational/Mentoring-30 minutes Each week a new skill or information about a subject will be taught to club members. Examples: Balancing a check book Picking out and buying tires Buying a house Buying a car Planning a party Drawing up a will Computer maintenance Wine and Food Pairing Cooking Skills

Officer Responsibilities:

Attend and lead meetings

Oversee the planning of one of the four meeting components each week.

Guide Club Business Hold Executive meetings on a regular basis

Ensure good club morale See NPBW bylaws for description of each officer

Member Responsibilities:

Plan one of the four components of the meeting on a scheduled basis

Attend meetings regularly

Support and encourage each other Provide resources for training

Fundraising: Fundraising will be done by providing social events on a regular basis or a game or event at each meeting in which members will pay a small fee to participate in. This money will be used to support club activities and events. This will be planned by a social committee and overseen by a Social Chair. Examples: Bunco Night Chili Bingo Cook Off Wine and Cheese Tasting Night with Sommelier (wine expert) Poker/Card Night Restaurant Social Scrapbook Night Cooking Class