Prayers, Hugs and Compassion to All


Hurricanes and Earthquakes and Fires! Oh My!

I have watched in fascination and alarm as two gigantic hurricanes have ravaged parts of Texas, Louisiana, Florida and the Caribbean islands, a massive earthquake hit Mexico followed by a hurricane, and fires are burning out of control in the Pacific Northwest and Montana.

My prayers, cyber-hugs, and heartfelt compassion are with all that have been affected by these disasters. At the same time, my admiration and respect for the thousands of volunteers and “voluntolds” (first responders, the National Guard, employees, et al) that jumped in to help have kept me, on the fringe of it all, humbled and inspired.

TBW Past State President Kendra Kinnison is rebuilding Port Royal Resort in Corpus Christi Texas

Desperation is a great motivator for strength and leadership. We have certainly witnessed strength and leadership from so many these last couple of weeks as volunteers have rescued people and animals from floods and from under debris. Voluntolds have gone above and beyond their job descriptions to help put their own backyard and the backyards of their neighbors back together. It reminds me of a quote from TBW Past State President Kendra Kinnison, “At its core leadership really is a mindset, a mindset of choosing to take responsibility and choosing to seek solutions.”

The Best Wishes,

Mary Mackey

TBW President 2016-2018