Solving Password Frustrations with LastPass


Do you ever feel anxious when you need to enter your username and password in your computer?

You sit in front of your computer screen wondering which password you used for this specific account.

Did you just change it? Did it have a capital letter? Did you use your birthday? Anniversary date?

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s pretty nerve-wracking and retrieving your password is not always an option, sometimes you have to change it all over again. There goes a new password to learn.

How can we solve this? A password manager of course!

Make remembering your passwords a thing of the past and concentrate on what really matters. LastPass simplifies your life by managing all your passwords. Your LastPass password is the last password you’ll ever have to remember. It works great between operating systems, browsers, and smartphones.

Are you cringing at the fact that your passwords will saved by some online website? Most people do. The truth is that LastPass is about as safe as a bank vault. LastPass backs up and stores your password in a secure LastPass vault. You can choose which passwords you want LastPass to remember and you can update them when you decide to make a change. LastPass saves your password in an encrypted form, which is pretty much a set of random numbers and letters. LastPass does warn however, that it will NOT save your LastPass password for security reasons. So you must always remember that ONE password.

What about when you login on your phone or another computer? No problem, all you do is login to your LastPass on any device and BAM you have instant access. As mentioned earlier LastPass can be used across any smart mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

We invite you to see how easy and beneficial a password manager can be for you with an easy to use step by step guide to creating your LastPass login. Below you will also see a video created by the LastPass team on how to use your LastPass account.

Let’s begin!

1. To get to LastPass click on the URL: or type it into your address bar in your browser.

2. You will see this screen, click on Download:

3. Next you will be prompted to make an account. It’s recommended that you use the email you use the most and use a password you will never forget. Adding caps, numbers, and symbols will make your password stronger. Remember that LastPass does not keep a copy of your password.

4.Re-enter the Master Password you used in the previous screen to verify that it is correct.

5. It is now time to create your account.

6. You must now decide whether you’d like LastPass to automatically fill your forms online. You can control how much LastPass fills out. You can have it remember as little as your first and last name or as much as your bank account and social security number.

7. Congratulations! You have successfully created your LastPass account.

8. There is an extra step if you chose to allow LastPass to fill out your online forms.This is where you control how much information LastPass fills out. It’s really a time saver.

Now you’re ready to face the Internet with this powerful tool. Check out the video below for more on how to use your LastPass.