State Conference 2017 Recap


Thanks to all of the strong, talented women who joined us for State Conference 2017 in Dallas! We Communicated! We Collaborated! We Connected!

Texas Business Women


Conference Day 1: Personal and Professional Growth

The first speaker of the day, Marti Cason shared her personal journey toward finding her authentic self and helped us find our fierce factor. She addressed the importance of Communicating with Confidence through authentic communication and how personal connections cannot be made without common interests.

Long-time TBW member, Regina Johnson gave us direction on How to Run an Effective Meeting. Whether it be a TBW meeting or a business meeting, in person or via Skype, there are certain protocol that shouldbe followed to help your meeting be more collaborative.

Past State President Pat Bell’s presentation on Conflict Resolution provided guidance on the two-way path of effective communication. She also helped us understand how tone, intent, and choice of words can either help or be a barrier to how we communicate and connect with others.  

Tracy Oswald told us that The Power Of Self Talk creates the life we live. Every day, we make 55,000 self-talk comments to ourselves; 75% of those comments come from our own personal internal gremlins that want us to believe we are “not [insert your word here]enough”. Consciously silence your gremlin and change your self-talk to more positive comments, because the opposite of fear is action.

Texas Business Women State Conference 2017 Speakers

The strength to be a servant leader was the topic of Past State President Kendra Kinnison’s Habits of Good Leaders presentation. Leadership is all about a choice to serve others. Sharing information from the top down creates trust, builds a sense of autonomy and certainty, and creates personal connections.

Past State President Silvia Pendleton told us that Growing Leaders from within leads to more satisfaction within the workplace, saves money in the long run, and increases productivity. A few tips to developing your own leadership skills or helping another develop hers are to have a clear picture of the goals of the organization, stay informed, have meaningful career conversations, always do your best work, and continue to grow and learn.


Conference Day 2: Business Session and Officer Installations

Texas Business Women State Conference 2017 Business Session

We had EIGHT Past State Presidents in attendance: Gwen Davis (1981-82), Reba Malone (1985-86), Pat Jasso (2004-05), Terri Freer (2005-06), Kimberly Sullivan (2007-08), Silvia Pendleton (2010-11), Kendra Kinnison (2012-14), and Pat Bell (2014-16). Thank you for attending and being mentors to me and many other TBW members.

Candidates for office included Laura Whisenhunt for Vice President, Regina Johnson for Secretary, and Laura Garza and Kim Fagan for Treasurer.

Having one’s name on the ballot to serve on the TBW Board of Directors is not a decision to be taken lightly. The Board of Directors sacrifice personal time, energy, and funds to manage the business of the Organization. Each of these candidates agreed to make a commitment to TBW and I, personally, applaud each one of them for their decision to step forward.

Joining President Elect Doris Slay-Barber and me as your 2017-18 TBW Board of Directors are Vice President Laura Whisenhunt, Secretary Regina Johnson, and Treasurer Laura Garza. Congratulations, ladies and thank you ever so much.

Texas Business Women State Conference 2017 Officer InstallationsThank you to Conference Chair Vicki Ratliff for planning an outstanding Conference. The venue was fabulous, the speakers and entertainment were spectacular, and the entire weekend went off without a hitch.

True Connection

Burton Gilliam is an actor. Before he was an actor, he was a Dallas fireman and a Golden Gloves boxer. As a boxer, he toured on a team with Cassius Clay. Fast forward many years. Burt likes to golf and Ali enjoyed doing personal appearances, when he could. One day, Ali was doing an appearance at a charity golf tournament that Burt was playing, so Burt stopped to say hello and chat with his old friend. As Burt was about to leave to catch up with his team, Ali put his hand on his arm and whispered, “Will you pray with me?” Burt is a Christian, Ali is a Muslim. Without hesitation, Burt said yes. He helped Ali out of his wheelchair and down to the ground where he kneeled and bowed. Burt also kneeled. And they prayed.

Texas Business Women State Conference 2017 Burt Gilliam Speaker Presentation

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“Arrgghh, me mateys!” Maybe you had to be there. [WINK]

The Best Wishes,

Mary Mackey

TBW President 2016-2018

Communication. Collaboration. Connection. Teamwork.

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” Zen proverb