TBW State Conference 2016 Review

Thanks to all of our members who attended our State Conference in Plano, TX this past weekend. It was a fun weekend filled with bittersweet goodbyes and exciting, new beginnings. A special thanks to the Conference Committee for coordinating the event and thanks to our speakers for inspiring us to reach new heights.


Congratulations to Our New Executive Board for 2016-2018!

Our members voted to elect the candidates running for office. The membership body also voted to continue requiring a two-year term for our officers.

Mary Mackey – President

Doris Slay-Barber – President- Elect

Laura Whisenhunt – Vice President

Laura Garza – Treasurer

Silvia Pendleton – Parliamentarian

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Check out our State Conference Photo Album for highlights from the event.

Thanks to Amandita Cruz Johnson for sharing her feedback!


I would like to give a quick feedback to the committee about the event so far. Marilyn my boss and I were very impressed by the handling of the event, logistics and quality of the speakers and content today. We have handled and have been to so many conferences and as corporate trainers, the expectations are high. This has been one of, if not the best experience compared to some of the one-day learning conferences we have attended in the past. The quality and credentials of the speakers were amazing! I mentioned to Vicki that we have to pay a lot of money in the corporate world to get a line up of speakers like what we had today. It is a huge treat and would like to give a special thanks to those who recommended and found those ladies.

If you are a bit of a perfectionist like myself and was worried about the humming technology or projector, please remember that perhaps like you all who have been or managed conferences, not one event goes perfectly as planned. It was handled swiftly and did not interrupt the flow of the conference a bit. Kudos to those who made it happen and solved the issues today. Again, we had a great experience and we came out pumped and ready to make a difference within ourselves and others! Thank you.


Amandita Johnson

What’s Keeping You From the C-Suite?.

If you weren’t able to attend the conference, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to climb the corporate ladder. Check out these presentations from our talented speakers. Share them with your fellow LO members! 


Success To Significance by Chris Parker

Mentoring – Push In the Right Direction by Neelu Sethi

Unconscious Gender Bias by Kristin Roberston

  Unleash the Potential of the Female Brain by Shonte Jovan Taylor

 LinkedIn for Success by Lucinda Ruch

5 Habits of Highly Successful Women by Shontaye Hawkins

2016-2017 Programming

The Programs Committee will continue to create workshops that provide development opportunities for our members. We’ll host the Communicate with Confidence workshop later this year. 

State Conference Letter from Pat Bell

I challenge each of us to examine how we choose to show up in our lives every day.  As women determined to follow a higher path, there are multiple challenges that demand our attention.  The late, Steven Covey states to become a great leader we must focus on three areas; Mindset, Skill-set and Toolkit.  

Our conference committee has worked hard to provide speakers to assist us with all three areas.  I hope we look for information to make us more impactful in the lives of people we influence around us.

As I end my two-year term as TBW President, I appreciate the heartfelt efforts of my BOD members.  We have honored the legacy of BPW/TBW history by providing opportunities for our members to have greater understanding through inspirational and informative activities, through virtual and in person programs.  

I want to personally thank TBW members who have continued to serve as mentors to the BOD, specifically Gwen Davis, Pat Jasso, Silvia Pendleton, Regina Johnson and Kendra Kinnison.

I has been a privilege to serve as TBW President and work with a dedicated group of women who take the needs of our members seriously and look for every possible way to help TBW remain relevant in the development of women throughout Texas.

All the best!

Pat Bell, TBW President