Tech Tip Tuesday: The Power of Like

How liking and sharing on Facebook and elsewhere online can influence potential Women. Connected. podcast listenersTBW’s new podcast Women. Connected. has been enjoying success across the U.S. and around the world, and we love putting out a new episode every Thursday. Each week hundreds of listeners download the podcast or have it sent to them through their iTunes or Stitcher subscriptions. As with any new venture, TBW is trying hard to make our podcast accessible for many more listeners, and we need your help.

Have you ever thought about how you personally find new and engaging content online? Do you spend a lot of time searching, or do you rely on the recommendations of friends and other trusted sources? According to research, people trust their peers more than any other source when seeking a recommendation. 92% of people rely on a recommendation from someone they know, and 70% said that consumer opinions posted online in venues such as Yelp, Facebook, or Twitter helped them make a decision.

At TBW we call this the power of like–when you like something online and share it with your network you are in a position to positively influence your friends, family members, and colleagues to also become fans of that product or service. This week we want to harness the power of like and we ask you, to take just 90 seconds to share your opinions about Women. Connected. on iTunes and elsewhere online. If the podcast is something you value, something that gives you access to new resources and ideas, and if you look forward to it each week, your friends and colleagues would probably love to hear about it from you.

There are several ways you can share your positive reviews of Women. Connected.:

  • Visit the podcast’s iTune page and leave a quick rating and review (scroll down for how to do that)
  • Each Thursday click Like and Share the episode’s post on Facebook
  • Pin the episode page from the TBW website to your Pinterest page
  • Retweet our tweets to your Twitter followers–Twitter is our fastest growing community right now!

Each of these simple actions harnesses the power of like and makes it possible for more people to find the great tools and tips TBW offers each week. And every time you share something that resonates for your friends and colleagues, your personal stock rises just a little higher.

Now, take just two minutes and watch this short video from John Lee Dumas on how to quickly leave a great rating and review in iTunes. Just substitute Women. Connected. for the search terms in the video. John is the creator of the well-known site and podcast Entrepreneur on Fire, which we highly recommend!