We’re Women. Connected.

Square faviconToday we are excited to launch the new TBW—where we believe that women can improve their personal and professional lives through technology. Over the last few months TBW has undertaken a careful assessment of the organization and its relevance to professional women striving to create successful careers and businesses while trying to balance the demands of modern life.

TBW has a rich history going back nearly 100 years, and in that time the organization has worked to confront important challenges to women’s full and equal participation in civic life. TBW was deeply engaged in working to secure the right to vote and the right to financial autonomy; to pass Title IX, offering women full access to education; and continues to advocate for paycheck fairness. TBW was also instrumental in the creation of the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and continues to support this world-class institution.

Today TBW turns its attention to the fundamental issue that can change all women’s lives for the better: how the smart adoption of technology gives us more leverage and greater market value. As employees find themselves competing for fewer jobs, and as more women become entrepreneurs and free agents, strong technology skills can be the critical defining factor for success, regardless of our career field. Our efficient adoption of helpful technologies—from industry-specific software to mobile-based payment processors such as Square—has the capacity to make us more effective and productive in both our professional and personal lives.

As we launch the new TBW we are creating a space where women with similar goals can come together and benefit from the collective power and knowledge of other professionals, regardless of profession or career track. Starting this week we will offer a variety of free resources designed to help you cut through the noise and learn exactly the tools you need to create your professional brand, be recognized, and keep up in today’s fast-paced world. Our free resources include a weekly podcast with smart women like you who have used technology to resolve issues and increase their value as employees and business owners. We’ll also offer regular blog posts, and video tech tips.

Beginning in late October TBW will offer a series of one- or two-day training courses designed to teach practical and soft skills applicable across professions. Topics include Mastering WordPress Essentials, Personal Brand as Career Insurance, Savvy Project Management, and Franklin/Covey’s Leadership workshop. Sessions will be offered throughout Texas.

Membership in TBW unlocks a host of other resources, including special how-to guides, such as our free guide to Gmail (sign up on the sidebar to get your free copy), available as a free download, as well as discounts on training courses customized for TBW members. To help you fully connect with TBW we’ll also put you in touch with your local organization comprised of women just like you who are seeking the fellowship of smart, dynamic, and like-minded professionals.

We are looking forward to this new chapter of TBW, and we hope you’ll join us. As they say, membership has its privileges, and we look forward to sharing them with you. For a limited time new TBW members will receive an additional discount on upcoming training courses in 2013-2014.

Welcome to TBW. We’re women, connected. Join us.