What does “Women. Connected.” mean?

We believe in resiliency, a can-do spirit, and the power of community.

Our organization was founded in 1919 by women who refused to be victims of inequity. Similar threats are present today, and we exist to face those challenges together – through the power of continual career relevance, strong network connections, and prioritizing our critical health issues. When you join TBW, you’re instantly connected to our powerful network.
Recently, the TBW leadership team has been expanded and reorganized to ensure that we have an impact on the lives of working women, and we have an aggressive agenda for our first 100 days.

In August, we’ll relaunch our website and communication platform to provide better tools and resources for connecting and empowering our members. At our Women. Connected. Conference in October, we’ll look at how the media’s representation of women has affected our ability to stay healthy, work, lead, and raise strong families. We’ll also redefine advocacy by moderating a discussion on the proposed Paycheck Fairness Act, focusing on finding meaningful solutions to current political issues as opposed to the usual cheering or jeering. And we’ll provide relevant training on negotiation, healthy living, social media, and personal development.

Get involved, make a difference, and join Women. Connected.