Wrap Up: Women’s Total Health Conference

From comedy to meditation, and everything in between, last weekend’s conference offered outstanding speakers on a full array of women’s health topics. We laughed. We cried. We learned. And we were certainly inspired.

Leading off, USAF Colonel (Retired) Rita Vokes shared why our “attitude determines our altitude,” and how to make sure we start each day with a positive and confident mindset. She also shared her daily affirmation and strategies to manage stress in order to achieve our highest potential.

Next, certified instructor Stan Long taught us how to avoid being a victim, whether in our homes, cars, offices, and anywhere in between. He shared simple tips for developing an emergency plan with our families. We were also able to see hands on demonstrations of products we could use to stay safe while traveling.

Comedian Michelle Thomas was the highlight of Friday evening. With her mix of jokes about motherhood, marriage, work, and health, everyone in the room was rolling with laughter.
During the evening, we also raised several thousand dollars for scholarships through the silent auction and a special jewelry raffle.

Saturday morning started with a fabulous presentation from the American Heart Association in honor of Heart Health Month. Dr. Agoston and Danielle Gunter revealed that heart disease trumps cancer as the leading cause of death for women, but that’s there is much we can do to prevent it. One key is “knowing your numbers,” meaning the key health indicators measured by your physician annually.
After breakfast, Betsy Pond taught us how to use the principles of meditation to train our brains to function as directed. The transformation of a room full of wiggle worms to a quiet, relaxed group was simply amazing.

Following the meditation exercise, many of us were eager to hear from Dr. Pedro Delgado, Chair of the Psychiatric Department of the University of Texas Health Science Center. His informative presentation focused on the many facets of depression, particularly in women. Most importantly, he shared how we can develop and practice cognitive flexibility to limit our risk for the disease, and how we can apply the principles of epigenetics to stay healthy even if we have a family history of depression.

Covering another frontier of health, Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Counselor Elizabeth Mathews-King shared an overview of the Financial Peace curriculum and how its principles can be applied to our daily finances.

Closing out our health-filled day, registered dietitian Dr. Jennifer Sides showed us how to make better choices with our food, from grocery shopping to eating at restaurants – and even fast food in a pinch. Her interactive presentation clarified common misconceptions with “whole grains,” portions, and even hidden sugars and sweeteners.

Special thanks to our conference committee of Beth Johnson, Deborah Arrington, Doris Slay-Barber and Deidra Fulton for a job well done!

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